Spooky Electric Speaks: Prince’s Lovesexy, and Its Parent, The Black Album

“Spooky Electric Speaks” explores the racial, radical, and religious subjectivity in Prince’s two 10th albums, the aborted Black Album (1987) and the official Warner Bros’ release, Lovesexy (1988).

Steven G. Fullwood

Steven G. Fullwood is a documentarian, archivist and writer. His published works include Black Gay Genius (2014), To Be Left with the Body (2008), and Carry the Word: A Bibliography of Black LGBTQ Books (2007). He is the former assistant curator of the Manuscripts, Archives & Rare Books Division at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. In 1998, he founded the In the Life Archive (ITLA) to aid in the preservation of materials produced by LGBTQ people of African descent housed at the Schomburg Center. In 2005, Fullwood was honored with a New York Times Librarian Award. He also founded and manages Vintage Entity Press, an independent press dedicated to publishing works by Black LGBTQ people.