A Show of Hands, How Many Are Drunk?

During the “Lovesexy ’88” world tour Prince and his touring band played an additional nine aftershow concerts in small rooms and theaters, each one selling out in minutes with little or no advance notice to the public. Absent from these small stages were the props, choreography, and nearly all of the precision-rehearsed songs performed only hours beforehand at major concert arenas and stadiums. Material from these aftershows included unique arrangements of familiar songs; the foundation of songs to be released years later; and music no one had ever heard before nor would again.

This presentation takes us on a journey from Paris, France, to San Francisco, California (a concert the presenter, himself, attended), and examines the creative process of Prince and his touring band when unencumbered by the constraints of a major tour.

Arthur Turnbull

Arthur Turnbull is co-founder of The Music Snobs, LLC, and producer of “Entry Points,” “Snobs On Film,” and “The Music Snobs” podcasts. Episodes of “The Music Snobs” have been recommended by Okayplayer, Wired magazine and NPR Music to their audiences.

He also serves as Tech Director for Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, an internationally-acclaimed third-stream orchestra that has held performances and residences in Poland, Bulgaria, and Cuba.

Arthur lives in Chicago with his wife and children.